dimanche 18 décembre 2011


In representing crucified Syria, we wish to recall the sufferings inflicted over the past 9 months by the murderous regime of Bachar al-Assad on the population which is fighting for democracy. We support the combat of the opponents to drive out the tyrant and institute a respectful regime, in law and in acts, of the ethnic and religious mosaic that is Syria. Whether they are Sunni, Alaouite, Druze, Shiites or Christians of various persuasions, whether they are Arabs, Kurds or Armenians, all Syrians should be able to live together and their safety must be guaranteed. The revolution will not fall into the trap of a sectarian war that the Assad gang is seeking to impose. 

We denounce the feeble reactions of the international community in spite of the fact that the United Nations has announced that there are now more than 5,000 dead. 
We call on the Western world, the Arab League and Turkey to provide practical help to the deserters who have formed the Free Syrian army and who are protecting 
the peaceful demonstrators from the murderous shootings, kidnappings and beatings.

Get out Bachar, Assassin! 
Long live the unity of Muslims and Christians syrians for a democratic Syria! 

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